Are Vaccine Passports Needed for Live Concerts?

Recently, with the newest surge of infections due to the Delta variant, concert safety and protocol is changing on a daily basis.  Will you need paperwork to rock out? The music industry continues to take measures to try to ensure the safety of concertgoers as COVID cases start to rise […]

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Limp Bizkit Triple Album in the Works?

Will Limp Bizkit will ever release the long-teased Stampede of the Disco Elephants album? Guitarist Wes Borland has offered some more insight on the progress of the record while appearing on the Drinks With Johnny podcast. As a refresher, word of the album started to circulate back in 2012 as […]

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Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Becomes a Late Night TV Host

Dave Grohl co-hosted The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon Last Monday (May 24), which led the Foo Fighters rocker to re-create a Foos-specific meme, colloquially known as “The Best,” for viewers. “The Best” — or as Fallon calls it, the “Dave G’roll,” a la the Rickroll — baits and switches unsuspecting web surfers with what at first appears to be the regular […]

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