Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Voting Begins!

Who will be part of the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction class? That remains to be seen, but the fan vote is underway, with the five top vote getters being included on a “fan ballot” that is tallied with all of the other Rock Hall voter submissions. The voting stats are now public, with Soundgarden and Judas Priest both making the Top 5.

At press time, Pat Benatar was leading the way with over 154,000 votes. She was followed by the Doobie Brothers at 139,000 votes and Soundgarden close behind at 131,000. From there, it drops down to Depeche Mode with 117,000 votes and Judas Priest currently snagging the last spot at 113,000 votes.

The Dave Matthews Band and Whitney Houston remain the biggest competitors for Priest’s final spot in the fan vote, but a number of harder edged acts still remain in the hunt as well. Motorhead currently sits eighth in the voting with just over 98,000 votes, while Nine Inch Nails has collected over 95,000 votes and Thin Lizzy is closing in on 93,800 votes.

You can see the current voting standings as they are tallied and updated every 60 seconds. At press time, over 1,441,000 votes had been cast. Fans can login to vote, with their voting capped at one ballot per day. Head here to make you votes count.

The voting concludes Jan. 10, with the results and the induction class announced soon after. The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place May 2, 2020 at Cleveland’s Public Hall.

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