Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal Gives Heartfelt Apology

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There has been some controversy since Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal gave his thoughts on students protesting the March for Our Lives saying they were “pathetic and disgusting”.  Many people tweeted their disdain for his comments including some of his own fellow musicians and friends.  Hughes is especially emotional because of the Le Bataclan shooting he was a part of back in 2015 in Paris, France.

“Recently I made some posts on Instagram that did not communicate how I feel about a variety of topics.  What I’d intended to be a statement about the highjacking by any side of the aisle of the beautiful agenda of the movement of our nation’s youth came off seeming like a mean-spirited attack and slight of the youth themselves and even a personal attack of its leadership. I wanted to be clear, I never wanted that to happen. I never intended to impugn the youth of America and this beautiful thing they accomplished,” Jesse explained.

“I am truly sorry. I did not mean to hurt anyone or cause any harm. As someone who has watched their friends shot in front of their eyes and seen people killed that they loved, I should’ve handled this a lot more maturely and responsibly and I did not do that and I messed up. And I hope that you are able to forgive me, but please know that I did not mean to do what it seems like it was I was doing.”

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