Lars Ulrich Shares Surprising News About Metallica Concerts

Lars Ulrich of Metallica has never been one to hold back on whats on his mind.  He recently appeared on the show 92Y with Mike Hogan and discussed the possibility of a Metallica concert featuring ONLY holograms of the band.  Keep in mind they are currently touring stadiums and filling them to capacity.  He spoke about the recent influx of hologram shows like Ronnie James Dio and said, “I’m sitting up there and the whole thing is happening — 120-dB loud music, all the lights, the video screens, everything is going on… except there are no musicians onstage. And I’m sitting there going, ‘There’s got to be a version of this somewhere in our future.”

It’s difficult to imagine the same type of intensity and stage presence with the band not actually being there live performing.   “As loopy as that sounds, and as kind of silly as I’m exaggerating for effect, what is a concert? What is music? What’s a concert? It’s about connecting people and it’s about sharing an experience together.” Lars then added, “And what we try to do, when we play gigs, is to erase the wall between the audience and the band. It’s basically about doing away with that division between an audience and artist. And so I’m sitting there going – Maybe one day.”

Watch the in depth interview with Lars and Mike Hogan below – it certainly gives Metallica fans a lot to think about!

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