New Foo Fighters Member Shows His Moves!


Dave Grohl has a history of making each and every Foo Fighters concert a memorable experience.  It could be breaking his leg, chugging beers, or bringing fans on stage.  The Foo Fighters are a band that will lift your spirit and warm your heart, especially when they keep bringing little kids up onstage. It happened again, this time at the Belfast Vital, where a five-year-old completely lost his mind dancing through the One by One favorite “All My Life.”

Dave Grohl spotted a sign in the audience which relayed the news that this was the boy’s very first concert. Being the good guy he always is, the frontman knew just what to do.  Welcoming the little one to the stage, Grohl challenged the rest of the festival crowd to dance, imploring the kid to show them how it’s done and he delivered in every conceivable way. What’s great about kids is that they don’t have preconceptions of what dancing should be, letting the raw feeling of the music in the moment overpower their bodies, as evidenced by the video below.

With flailing arms and some quick feet, the boy shows off his uninhibited moves and his One by One t-shirt. “Let’s hear it for the little man,” screamed Grohl as he wound down the song, likening him to one of the members of alt rockers Manic Street Preachers.

Watch the full video below and start practicing your dance moves — maybe Dave Grohl will pull you onstage next.

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