What Does ex-RHCP Guitarist John Frusciante Think of the New Album?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers just released their new record, The Getaway, last week on June 18th.  While it has received great reviews and a hilarious car karaoke session with James Corden – does everyone feel the same?

John Frusciante has been a staple of RHCP and some of the biggest songs of their career.  However, he quit the band to pursue his solo music and to have full control over the music.  But how does he feel about the new RHCP album?

Anthony stated in a recent interview, “I have not spoken to John lately. But I did hear something positive and lovely, which was that he was looking forward to hearing the record. That made me happy, to hear (a) that he cared and (b) that there was not a sour grape rolling around somewhere. When John quit it was a great loss, because he is a brilliant songwriting partner and just an enormous musical human. But it also opened up the chance for us to have someone fresh and new. And often new blood will create new chemistry and maybe give you that B-12 shot in the ass to keep you going for another five years or another 10 years.”

But don’t expect to see John watching on the side stage at any upcoming RHCP gigs.

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