Brightside Music Festival Rocks Orlando

Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

The inaugural Brightside Music Festival rocked Orlando’s Central Florida Fairgrounds on Saturday April 27th. It was a dream lineup with a variety of punk rock and reggae rock bands that dominated the airwaves in the 90s and are still going strong today. The diverse lineup featured Sublime, 311, Goldfinger, Story of the Year, and more along with a craft beer tasting event!  The Brightside Music Festival had not only delivered a full day of exceptional live music and entertainment but had also created a space where fans spanning multiple generations could come together to celebrate their favorite bands. In speaking with other festival attendees, its clear that it left a lasting impression, with many already commenting that they were looking forward to the lineup of bands the next year. Check out the sights and sounds from our day at the Brightside Music Festival!

Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

When the doors opened at the Orlando fairgrounds at 12PM, the day commenced with a craft beer tasting and music on the main stage at 12:10. For an extra $10 add-on, fans were able to enjoy unlimited samples of the best local, regional, and national craft beer, hard seltzer, and cider courtesy of Brew Ha Ha Productions. It was a great opportunity to meet other fans and try some delicious beverages ranging from national brewers like Stone Brewing to more local brewers like Islamorada out of Key West.

Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

Often times the first year of a festival can be plagued with growing pains, but this was NOT the case with the Brightside Festival. The Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando was ideal with plenty of space to move about and clear signage and entry points that eased the flow of attendees. The array of food trucks offered everything from gourmet burgers to wood fired pizza, ensuring that all dietary preferences and tastes were catered to. Fans appreciated the variety and did not have to miss their favorite band waiting in line. The Brightside Festival also offered multiple spots with full bars for mixed drinks, beers, and seltzers. Festival attendee Joey D. commented:

“It’s almost been a week and we’re still on that Brightside vibe! Absolutely amazing! The whole day and night had a PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) vibe. I haven’t felt this good in 20+ years! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Brightside Music Festival!”

The highly anticipated headliner, Sublime, featuring original members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson alongside former frontman Bradley Nowell’s son, Jakob, delivered a powerful set that paid homage to the band’s iconic sound while showcasing Jakob’s unique presence. The band is fresh off their performance headlining Coachella a week before out in California. Their performance of classics like “What I Got,” “Santeria,” and “Wrong Way” had the audience singing along fervently. Sublime dug deep into the archives playing deep cuts like “STP” and “Romeo” and it demonstrated Jakob’s ability to carry his father’s legacy with goosebumps inducing vocals. The band’s seamless blend of punk, reggae, and ska resonated deeply with the crowd, cementing their status as genre-defining pioneers. It’s amazing to see original line up with Jakob having the time of their lives along with their fans.

311 Live Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

311’s performance was a high-energy spectacle that kept the crowd moving from start to finish. Opening with “Beautiful Disaster,” they seamlessly transitioned between their signature rap-rock sound and reggae-infused grooves. Standout moments included the extended drum solo during “Applied Science” and the crowd’s enthusiastic sing-along to “Come Original” and “Down”. 311’s ability to blend genres and engage the audience made their set a highlight of the festival. 311 is known for their live show and proved to any naysayers why they are still at the top of their game. Check out their Instagram video recapping their day at Brightside Music Festival.



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Goldfinger Live Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

Goldfinger brought their signature punk rock mayhem to the stage with the first performance in Florida in over 15+ years! Lead singer John Feldmann is the master of ceremonies and is full of energy with the band delivering a setlist filled with punk rock anthems. Unfortunately, they had some sound issues that resulted in the band starting  their set late, which meant a few songs were not performed. The band has the crowd vote between “Superman” or “99 Balloons” to close their set. Of course fans wanted to hear both, but their rendition of “99 Red Balloons” had the crowd singing along. And their original tracks like “Spokesman” and “Superman” showcased their versatility while fans crowdsurfed and started a mosh pit. Goldfinger’s performance was a testament to their enduring popularity and ability to captivate audiences and hopefully, they will be back in Florida for a headlining set soon!

Story of the Year Live Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

St. Louis natives Story of the Year turned up the volume with a crowd-pleasing set that certainly won over the crowd with the banter from the charismatic frontman Dan Marsala. Their performance of “War” and “Until the Day I Die” elicited a fervent crowd response, solidifying their status as post-hardcore icons. The band’s energy and stage presence were infectious, setting the tone for the rest of the festival while the sun started setting over the fairgrounds. You couldn’t help but smile while the band having as much fun as the crowd.

unwritten law Live Brightside Music Festival Orlando, FL

Unwritten Law, the American punk rock band formed in 1990 in California, was on stage early, but left their mark on the crowd. The band consistently delivers performances that resonate with fans. Frontman Scott Russo has a raw authenticity and energy on stage that drives the band’s performance along with a fun, hard hitting set. Whether it’s the nostalgia of their classic hits like “Seein Red” or the introduction of fresh material like “Beggars”, Unwritten Law commanded attention and definitely gained new fans from the Brightside festival.

Promoter MassConcerts and Brew Ha Ha productions teamed up to make the Brightside Music Festival a day no one will ever forget. They succeeded in bridging the gap between musical eras and styles, uniting fans across generations that traveled near and far. We met fans not only from the local Orlando area, but also the United Kingdom, Canada, and California. And we saw everything from veteran rockers, children on their parent’s shoulders, teenagers adorned with Sublime shirts, and mid-30 millennials together for a day of positive vibes and outstanding live shows.  It was a day where music, community, and culture converged, leaving a memorable mark on the hearts of those who attended. With its wild success, we can’t wait until the Brightside Music Festival of 2025 is announced, and won’t miss it.


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