Dirty Heads & The Unlikely Candidates Rock St. Petersburg

Dirty Heads and The Unlikely Candidates just kicked off a fall tour with St. Petersburg only being the second night.  Jannus Live is a great outdoor venue with the capacity only being 2,000 people so needless to say, the show was completely sold out.  The tour has also teamed up with http://musicsaveslives.org awarding those who donated blood with early entry and a chance to win the setlist from that nights performance.

The Unlikely Candidates are an indie rock band hailing from Texas and formed in 2008.  Over the years, they’ve scored a handful of charted songs including “Follow My Feet” which hit number 1 on the adult alternative chart.  More recently, the band released an EP titled ‘BED OF LIARS’ which has the crowd pleasing track “Your Love Could Start a War”.  It was clear once they hit the stage, they had plenty fans in attendance.  Lead Singer Kyle Morris commanded the crowd, even with a leg injury that had him hooked up to a peg like structure that kept him upright.  The guitar and bass driven tunes highlighted the powerful vocals from Morris, and those unaware of the band were certainly won over by the end of their set.

Dirty Heads have been called reggae, pop, rock, hip hop, etc…but one things for sure – they cannot be categorized by any single song or album.  They hit the stage opening with the acoustic driven “Sails to the Wind” off of their first record “Any Port in a Storm”.  It got the crowd roaring and set the tone for the rest of the evening.  At this point the Dirty Heads are a well oiled machine with relentless touring across the United States.  Dirty J and Duddy B have crafted the perfect setlist that encompasses their entire catalog.  And one of the best parts of a Dirty Heads show?  The crowd! Every Dirty Heads show has crowds going off, singing along to the lyrics, throwing the hands in the air, and dancing off the night with the band.

The current fall tour goes through the end of November.  To get more information on the Dirty Heads and their new release “Swim Team” go to http://www.dirtyheads.com.  To check out The Unlikely Candidates, go to their official site http://theunlikelycandidates.com.

Check out the tour dates and photos from the show in St. Petersburg at Jannus Live below:

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