KISS Sells Their Catalog Shocking Fans

In a move that has rocked the music world, the legendary band KISS has sold its entire catalog, name, logo, and likeness to the Swedish company Pophouse Entertainment Group for a staggering $300 million. Known for their theatrical performances and iconic makeup, KISS has once again made headlines, proving that their flair for the dramatic extends beyond the stage.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Transaction

This monumental deal includes the rights to KISS’s music, name, logo, and the band members’ likenesses, essentially encompassing the entire KISS brand. Pophouse Entertainment Group, the new custodians of the KISS legacy, are no strangers to the entertainment industry, with investments in ABBA’s virtual concert experience and the Avicii Experience museum.

Gene Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, shared his excitement about the deal: “We’ve always been about making bold moves, and this is one for the books. Pophouse shares our vision for the future of KISS, and we’re thrilled to see where this partnership takes us.”

Future Plans and Royalties

Despite parting with their catalog, KISS assures fans that the show must go on. The band plans to continue touring and performing, with the deal also promising a collaboration with Pophouse to further promote and market the KISS brand.

The band members are set to receive a significant portion of the deal in royalties, ensuring that their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle will continue well into the future.

A New Chapter for KISS

Paul Stanley, the rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist, reflected on the sale: “It’s a new chapter for KISS. We’re proud of our legacy and excited to see how Pophouse will innovate and carry our brand forward. Our fans are the best in the world, and we’re confident they’ll stick with us on this new journey.”

The sale of KISS’s catalog to Pophouse Entertainment Group marks a significant moment in the band’s history and the music industry. As KISS continues to entertain and inspire, their legacy is now in the hands of a company poised to take the KISS brand to new heights.

So, here’s to KISS – may their music continue to rock the world, and may their farewell from ownership be as legendary as their rise to fame. This will NOT be the last time we hear from Gene and the rest of KISS.

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