Alkaline Trio Live from Orlando, FL

Alkaline Trio Concert Orlando, FL

Chicago punk rockers Alkaline Trio stopped by the House of Blues in Orlando, FL supporting their newest release “Blood, Hair, & Eyeballs” album which is the band’s 10th record. The fans who waited until the day of the show to buy tickets were out of luck. The show at the House of Blues sold out several weeks leading up to the gig on March 2nd, 2024.  It’s a testament to the band’s cult-like following and fans’ reception to the new record.  Tour mates Drug Church and Worriers were the opening acts for the evening, and commanded quite a crowd reaction! Drug Church is an eclectic mix of punk rock, hard rock, and post-hardcore that had people in the mosh pit and even crowd surfing.

Alkaline Trio, known for their distinct blend of punk rock and dark lyrical themes, did not disappoint as they played a setlist that spanned their entire career.  The band opened the show with the fast tempo, ripping new BH&E track “Hot for Preacher” that set the tone for the evening. Matt Skiba’s signature snarl cut through the mix, his guitar work a serrated wall of melody and fury. Dan Andriano’s sinuous and potent bass lines and vocals laid an unyielding foundation for the band’s newest member, drummer Atom Willard, to unleash his thunder. It was a perfectly curated mix of their classic hits, like “Private Eye”, “Stupid Kid”, and “F*ck You Aurora” as well as a bevy of newer songs like “Bad Time”, “Versions of You”, and “Break”.

Alkaline Trio, the legendary merchants of macabre punk rock, captivated the crowd of black-clad bodies singing along to every song.  And there was no distinct “demographic” – it ranged from teenagers up to old timers in attendance showcasing their enduring appeal across generations. Fists pumped in unison to beloved anthems like “Mercy Me” and “Cringe”.  It wasn’t just about the sing-alongs; there was a reverence in the air – a sense that those in attendance were witnessing something special.  Among the 20 song setlist, AK3 performed 5 songs off of “Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs” and received a huge crowd reaction and was a personal highlight of the evening.

The last time I saw Alkaline Trio was back in 2008 in Las Vegas, NV while they were on tour supporting fellow Chicagoans Rise Against.  Over the course of the past 14 years, it’s clear to see how the band had grown sonically and lyrically, but with the same passion as back in 2008.  The stage production and lighting during the show was equally impressive. A whirlwind of colors spun madly behind the band, adding a chaotic yet celebratory energy to the room. This artful mayhem reflected both the frenetic pace of the songs and the dedicated, somewhat chaotic passion of the fanbase.

Alkaline Trio proved yet again why their brand of heartfelt, melodic darkness connects so deeply with their fans. While the band had some early audio issues with the in-ear monitors and guitar, they handled it with professionalism and it did not take away from the sold out crowd’s enjoyment. The sound was stellar, the lighting elevated the atmosphere, and the crowd was an integral part of the experience. Witnessing Alkaline Trio live once again reminds me of the transformative power of music, and I’m already planning on the next gig I’ll be at on this tour. You don’t want to miss AK3 on their “Blood, Hair, & Eyeballs” tour!




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