Chad Smith Discusses 25 Years of “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik” Release

Chad Smith is the iconic drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  And yes, he also looks like Will Ferrel.  However, LoudWire recently sat down with Chad to reflect on the 25 year anniversary of the release that yeilded hits like “Suck My Kiss” and “Under the Bridge”.

“The band was in a very exciting place creatively at that time,” says Smith in the video above. “I remember that it was the first time that Rick Rubin had worked with us and we recorded at this house in Hollywood, so we weren’t in a regular studio. We lived in the house. And we had a bunch of songs and John especially was coming into his own as a songwriter and feeling very comfortable in the band.”

Chad continued to say, “It was fun, man. I think back and it went really quickly. We did it in maybe two months and Anthony [Kiedis] was singing more and the songs were becoming more melodic and it was the first time thinking, listening to the playback, it was the first time thinking that the band’s natural organic sound and energy had been captured on tape.”

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