Interview with 30 Seconds to Mars

Before their show with on July 19th, Matt Wachter and Tomo Milcevic took the time to speak with about the new album, touring, and why MP3 downloading is inevitable. The tour has been going on a few weeks now, how have the shows been going? How is the crowd reaction to you guys being the very opening band?

Tomo: It’s been great man. We don’t allow people to not have a good time at our show, we demand attention and we usually get it. Matt: In a little bratty kid sort of way. After the club tour you guys will be heading out with The Used to do a few dates then after the album is released and the tour with The Used what are your plans? Is a headlining tour in the works or would you like to join up with a bigger tour?

Matt: Things change so quickly in this business; everything is up in the air so we are just kind of going with the flow for now.

Tomo: As of now I know we have a few radio shows scheduled and I don’t know what they are but I know we have them. We may do a few off dates in between those shows.

Matt: There’s nothing set in stone. If we don’t go out in support of someone then I would imagine we would go out on a smaller headlining tour. So you guys have had a lot of success with the new single “Attack’ before the album even comes out, imagine when it drops on August 16th?

Tomo: Actually the album has been pushed back to August 30th because of various factors and reasons. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it’s just how it works sometimes. Do you deal with a lot of crap from the label? How is your working relationship with them?

Matt: Anytime there is a group of people making a decision the process is going to be more difficult and take more time.

Tomo: From what I know, we have it better than most people do in this business because we have control over many aspects of our band.

Matt: We’re really happy with everything right now; Virgin is stronger than they have ever been. Management and publicity has just been great to us. We’re in a good spot right now. Where as last time for the first record Virgin was going through a major shift and there was a lot of things changing and it was bad timing. You have a few hours before you hit the stage here tonight in Pittston, what do you do before the show to loosen up and get ready? Are there any sort of pre or post rituals?

Tomo: Usually two hours before the show I work on transcending the physical plain. This world and whole existence is futile.

Matt: You’re so full of shit.

Tomo: Nah, we pretty much just chill out.

Matt: We’ll do a lot of stretching before we go on. As you get older you don’t bounce back as quickly as you used to. Do you guys change up the set list at all? How much of the new material are you playing off the new album?

Tomo: I know we play atleast three songs from “A Beautiful Lie”. Out of a six song set, its about half the set. This tour we’ve been sticking to a set loosely but in the past we would write a set list down but it doesn’t always happen like that. It’s all about the crowd and the energy.

Matt: Especially for the headlining shows, you play how the crowd is going. Any final words you want to throw out there to the fans?

Tomo: Yeah, check out the website and the new album comes out August 30th. We can’t wait to see you all at the shows, and don’t let the man get you down.

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