Foo Fighter’s Chris Shiflett Releases New Music

From his early days playing with punk rock bands to his current position as lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters, Shiflett has had a long and impressive career in music.  In addition to his work with the Foo Fighters, Shiflett has also released several solo albums. His first solo album, West Coast Town, was released in 2017 and features a blend of country and rock music. His second solo album, Hard Lessons, was released in 2019 and features a more rock-oriented sound.

Shiflett is back with a high tempo new track “Black Top White Lines” that was cowritten with Jaren Johnston and John Osborne.  This will be a part of a new solo album being released in 2023 with new record label Blue Elan Records.  “Hey friends – I wanted to let you know that my new single “Black Top White Lines” is finally out everywhere, so go play it loud over and over all day long!! Be careful if you’re driving cuz you might get a speeding ticket!” Chris explained, “Thematically it felt like it turned a classic country trope on its head a little.”

“Jaren and I were going over song ideas, and it’d been a minute since we wrote it, so when we re-visited the track he was like, ‘Dude you gotta record this one…It’s a banger!’,” remembers Shiflett. “Right away in the studio I could tell it was a bit of a left turn for me musically but that’s also what I like about it.”

Chris is staying busy with the Foo Fighters announcing on New Year’s Eve they would continue as a band.  The Foos released some summer tour dates headlining several festivals along with a few shows of their own.

Watch the video for “Black Top White Lines” Below and visit his official site for more information.


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