Foo Fighers Rock SNL With Christmas Performance

Foo Fighters on Saturday Night Live

The Foo Fighters are a busy band these days.  Dave and company released the “Concrete and Gold” record earlier this year.  They’re currently out touring the world to sold out arenas.  But the Foo Fighters embraced the opportunity to perform live on Saturday Night Live and put a special Christmas flavor on it.

Typically, bands will perform songs promoting their new album.  The Foo Fighters did perform “The Sky is a Neighborhood” off of Concrete & Gold.  However, the band also performed the fan favorite “Everlong” which took some turns into a rocking version of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” along with a few other Christmas tunes.  The stage was adorned in garland, red and green lights, and even had confetti dropping from the ceiling.  And of course they dressed the part wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.

There’s nothing like a Foo Fighters performance to put you in the Christmas Spirit.  You can view the performance below.

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