Gene Simmons making headlines about Trump

gene simmons

Gene Simmons is making headlines again.  Simmons recently spoke about President Trump, predicting a “landslide” victory for the Republican incumbent if Trump continues on his current path.

Simmons called Trump a “Tourette’s president.  He says stupid things, and so do you, and so do I.”  He continued explaining the Trump presidency  in a recent interview”A lot of people are unhappy, perhaps rightfully so.  But the Dow Jones Industrial (average is) 26,000 or so, job rates are down to 3.9 percent, the economy is booming like never before. The rest of it — politics. You like the guy, vote him back in. You don’t like guy, just make sure nobody votes him back in. My assessment is very clear — unless he’s impeached, if there are no more big wars, and if the Dow approaches 29,000, which it may, not only will President Trump be re-elected, but it’ll be a landslide.”

Simmons continues, “Families only care about two things: Is my family safe? Which means war, police, things like that. And can I feed my family? Do I have a job? Am I getting paid well? The rest is politics. If you’re going to after President Trump for having an affair, you have to go all the way to George Washington and [Justin] Trudeau’s father, everybody. You have to go after men. The tendency to wander.”

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