Metallica Masterclass – Become a Rock God

Metallica Masterclass

Metallica surprised fans with an entire masterclass on how to be in a band.  Sounds simple, right? Based on the preview video, they seem to be very aware of the internal dynamics of Metallica (which nearly tore them apart) that were on full display during their 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster. Looks like they are bringing their knowledge accumulated from multiple decades of being a group for you to avoid that.

MasterClass is an excellent idea where famous people teach you via online video the skills that made them popular. Like, Samuel L. Jackson will teach you acting, Steph Curry will teach you to shoot from downtown, and chef Gordon Ramsey will teach you to mercilessly wail on people who drop pans.

Singer James Hetfield says they’ll talk about how to get the best out of everyone by collaborating and not letting egos take over. Bassist Robert Trujillo speaks on the value of communicating and drummer Lars Ulrich chimes in on letting the silly things go.

The video also promises they’ll get into lyric writing, break down classic Metallica songs, and give you a “badass performance.”

Looks like Masterclass gets you into school for $15 per month, but it’s billed annually so you’ll have to shell out $180 to get taught by Metallica. This fee does give you access to ALL the MasterClass classes, however.


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