The Numbers Are In! Who is the Best Selling Artist in the WORLD for 2017?

Concert Crowd in Amsterdam

Drake? Kanye? Swift?  They are all top contenders for the best selling artists in the world for 2017.  However, there was an “upset” with the typical guesses.

Ed Sheeran has been named as the global best-selling artist of 2017.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has revealed that Sheeran’s third album ‘÷’, released in March 2017, went multi-platinum in 36 different countries.

The album’s lead single, ‘Shape Of You’, was also the global best-selling single of last year, going multi-platinum in 32 countries.

“Ed is truly an incredible songwriter, vocalist and performer, whose ability to tell stories and make people feel is what stands him out from the crowd,” Max Lousada of Warner Music Group says of the news.

Drake was named by the IFPI as the second best-selling global artist for 2017, while Taylor Swift came third, even though her album ‘Reputation’ was just released in November.

The race is on for 2018 – who do you think will take the crown?


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