Stephen Colbert surprises Flaw with a New Van!

Flaw and Stephen Colbert

You may remember Flaw from their hit “Payback” back in 2001.  Since then, there’s been a hiatus in the band and numerous line up changes.  But they’re back and have a new record out – so they’re hitting the road! The only problem?  They needed to replace a tour van and needed the funds to do so.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert referenced the bands GoFundMe campaign in a monologue joke.  Since then, the band didn’t reach their goal of $15,000 and thats when things escalated and Colbert stepped in to help out.  “They were only a few thousand dollars short, and after that shout-out from me, you the Late Show community stepped up … and agreed that you don’t care if Flaw needs a van.  You still did not raise enough for Flaw to get a van. So I just bought Flaw a van, and I invited all the members of the band … to come to New York and check out their new wheels.”

So what started as a joke, ended up being a full segment on The Late Show where Colbert presents Flaw with the new van along with some road essentials like a Rumba and carpeting.  It’s great to see the guys in Flaw get some major exposure on national television!  View the full segment below and support FLAW on their GoFundMe page!


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