Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine Falls on Stage

Tom Morello Rage Against the Machine Live

Rage Against the Machine has had a tough go at touring the past few years.  First, their highly anticipated reunion tour had to be rescheduled multiple times because of covid-19.  Then frontman Zack de la Rocha suffered an injury the first week of touring that lead to him sitting for all performances. Now, iconic guitarist Tom Morello gets tackled performing on stage in Toronto!

During the final song, “Killing In The Name”, of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE’s set in Toronto, a fan sprinted toward the front of the stage, he was blocked by security and hurled off into the crowd. However, amid the chaos, security accidentally tackled Morello, knocking him down and off the front of the stage.

View the fan footage here:

Thankfully, Morello was back on his feet moments later, saluting the excited crowd while standing on speakers in front of the stage.  But Zack told the crowd, “Do not try that shit. I’m sorry. We’re cool. We love y’all, but don’t do that.”  The tour is a MUST SEE for any old school Rage fans, just don’t try to get on stage!

View the rest of RATM’s Reunion Tour Here by clicking here.


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