Pearl Jam & Dave Matthews Band Cancel Summer Tour Dates

The world was seemingly back to “normal” post covid-19 with no more mask mandates and many people getting vaccinated.  However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an issue for touring bands this summer like Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band.

Pearl Jam was just a handful of shows into their already postponed Gigaton tour from 2020 when covid-19 hit iconic drummer Matt Cameron.  Not wanting to disappoint fans, they had a bevy of guest drummers including FANS for several shows.

Ultimately, there were more positive tests within the touring bubble that forced Pearl Jam to totally cancel the rest of the tour including Las Vegas and Sacramento.


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Just a few hours ago today on May 28th, the Dave Matthews Band announced they were postponing both shows in West Palm Beach, Florida for Memorial Day weekend.  The band had previously played iconic shows with several guest guitarists, drummers, and vocalists at the Gorge in Washington state.

One Instagram user commented, “I mean if Dave is sick he’s sick man. What you gonna do? Want this man to perform magic? The word Covid divides a room so quickly. Everyone knows Dave is a showman. He needs to be well to do what he does. That’s it.”


While others were not as sympathetic as they had nonrefundable airfare and hotel rooms vying to never purchase another ticket to any future DMB shows.  As of now, it looks like the new norm will be the potential for cancelation and postponements, but its for everyone’s safety.  Covid-19 has spiked in the last month with new infections and breakthrough cases of people catching the virus as many as 5 times.  Stay safe out there and don’t give up on supporting your local music scene and favorite bands!

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